Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Joiners

Current Location: Accenture Office in NYC

Still unstaffed (although that may be changing momentarily) and am teaching new hires at work. It's interesting having 19 minds that are new to Accenture to impress my corporate view on and at the same time foster their entry into the working world. I was exactly the same a few years ago, and it's enlightening to see how much I have changed.

Training will last another week, and then I should be off to another project. I checked into a hotel a few days ago and had been at a serious point of withdrawal. I'm not sure if it was more of being back in a hotel room or just having a room of my own and not staying at Kruse's or Stamford. I have a feeling it's more of the former - I have become quite a laid back traveler and seem to make myself a home wherever I am. I can't, however, speak for the people who take me in...I suppose some relationships wear down due to over exposure. In the past 4 months, I have seen both ends of the spectrum - under and over exposure during a specific amount of time with friends, and I have realized that a balance is definitely necessary no matter how difficult it is to maintain. I just hope that my living situation doesn't obstruct my desire to uphold the balance.

I've done quite a few things in the past couple of days in NYC too: Met up with Gary last Saturday who is always great to see, ran over to the 5th ave mile with him on Sunday and watched Solomon Lalou beat Bernard Lagat, then proceed to shake their hands at the finish line, saw the Pats take down the Bills (not as convincingly as I would have liked), then ate some of the finest cookies known to man (Kruse's - seriously amazing) and wrapped up the weekend with a little premier of Eastbound and Down (which was also a little disappointing, but I am glad Kenny Powers and the gang has returned - anyone notice Pedro as his neighbor?).

Well, I'll be sure to update when I know my next assignment, and until then, I will be living it up in NYC. Running has been pretty low key sadly; I think the long runs took a lot out of my legs and I need to rebuild to get back there.

Currently Reading: Nothing - damn shame too. The reading phase has passed I think, but I'll try to get back into it.
Currently looking forward to: Watching It's Always Sunny and the League tonight with fraternity brothers and attending the Bears vs. Giants Game on sunday night.
Notable people that I have met: New Joiner Class (19), Atiq Joardel (NJO co trainer), Monique and Fran (NYO VIPs), Tom Lehmann, Jennifer Craig, Patty Paulette.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been a while...

Current Location: Stamford CT

It's been a while since I've posted and I'm sure the reason is lack of travel - I have been bouncing between Stamford and NYC each day for a little less than a month. I am between projects and working on proposals/training new joiners and will be doing so until the middle of October.

Needless to say, not nearly as exciting as my usual life - hence a lack of information on this post.

Ran 20 miles last weekend followed by a wedding with Kruse - I think we knew beforehand that a 20 miler prior to wedding-level partying is a bad idea, but the thought was reinforced on Saturday.

Sad news today: Jai Day's mother has gone missing in the Philippines. If anyone knows anything about Carole Day, please let us know. Here is a link to a facebook page with information: Carole Day

Currently reading: SDF training guides.
Currently looking forward to: Dinner on Friday night, Beer fest on saturday (hopefully) followed by a quasi Wallmania segment in Stamford, then getting back into a hotel on Monday morning in NYC.
Notable People: Giles from HBS, Julie and Rems (wedding),

Monday, September 13, 2010


Current location: metro north headed to Stamford (on phone so apologies for typos).

Past weekend was a good one- spent the entire time in NYC with a few of my buds. Started it off on Thursday night with the opening NFL game, then Friday was the mets - phils game with mark, kruse and erick ( who was in town for the weekend). The phils won and we got free Mets blankets that we ultimately handed off to LeRoy. Saturday introduced me to Opal and Iowa football followed by a stint at sutton place and ending with a hard food coma at kruse's which was not in the plan. Sunday was filled with football (pats looked good!) and a 16 Miler.

16 is the longest I have ever run and it's a completely different monster. I have hit 12 before and have felt tires at the end - the legs were sore and used to moving so the cool down was shocking, but my body could handle it. Each step was delicate but the legs still hand gusto and could fulfill their duty of carrying me. 16 was different. First, I ran with kruse who is used to this mileage. Second, I've only just gotten back to running each day hitting a total of 20 in the 5 days prior. Third, it was a constant drizzle and drab for the first 8, then it picked up to a rain for the next 5, then back down to barely anything for the last three. Usually I love running in those conditions, but after 8 your shirt sticks to you like an extra layer of skin and your shoes weigh an Extra 2 lbs, making each step a bit foreign.

We pulled up at 9.5 to have a drink of water and take in some calories, then continued on. I've been alternating between treadmill and outside running lately, so the freedom and the company made the first half fly by as fast as a 3 miler. At 13 I felt great aside from the poor conditions and the extra weight - I was even talking to myself about throwing 10 more on at the end to hit a full marathon. We had been hitting 8 minute miles or so the entire time, trying to keep an 830 pace because kruse has to pace the Chicago marathon in a few weeks to 4:00. I'd say a majority of the time was spent below 8:00 but we did out best to relax.

Then it hit me - a wrong step and a twinge in the hamstring. A cramp was right around the corner and we were about 2 miles from the finish. I've never cramped during a distance run - only after a tough workout or in a soccer game. I slowed quickly and kruse knew what was up - we slogged in the last mile and a half delicately do as not to trigger the demon. At one point we had to stop because of pedestrians clogging the sidewalk and the restart was painful. My legs didn't know what was going on - they wanted to buckle but I think they understood that we were 5 blocks away and determined to see it through.

The final stop was interesting - not as painful, more just unusual. Kruse and I were soaked standing underneath grand central - the endorphins were kicking in but it didn't really take away any pain. Kruse pulled out two of my soggy dollars and I bought a bottle of water- the vendor looked at me like I was crazy and was disgusted by my audacity to hand him wet currency, but that thought didn't come until after I took in the cold water. My knees started to lock up around the patellas, something not unfamiliar and generally not dangerous. Other than that, walking was tough but I was happy to hop on the subway. Aside from some small pains and allergies, kruse was fine.

Our route started at grand central, went down the east river, around the seaport to battery park, up the west side highway to 85th, then zig sagged back to grand central. Before running this, I thought if I were to ever jump into a marathon against kruse, my sheer competitiveness coupled with my current fitness would hold me long enough to finish close to her... Now I know that stepping up to these godly distances and churning out strong miles requires more discipline that I'm used to.

Currently looking forward to: finding out my next project.
Notable people met: Ryan Dewey, a few of mark's colleagues, bartender at opal who required my presence at the next Iowa game.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peeg Roast

Current Location: Parents homemade kitchen table, Stamford, CT.

If you are ever in need of a party theme, starving for something new, different and exciting, pleaes turn towards our domesticated swine friends and the raucous celebration produced by its demise. NOTE: pictures are posted of this event, and there are more on facebook if you are curious.

This past weekend was spent outside of Baltimore, MD where a few of my old college friends gathered to roast a pig, smoke two turkeys, eat plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers, and be merry. Arriving on Friday evening, I spent the major portion of the night catching up with Jeff (one of the three masterminds behind the party) and Mark since most of the attendees were not arriving until the following day. The venue was a fairly sizeable house (there were three TVs on the wall in the living room) and an much larger backyard equipped with a hot tub and patio. We were aware that we needed our rest for the following day, so an early retirement was not farfetched by any means. A few minutes before our slumber, another one of the planners - Caleb - arrives with two of his friends. I have been known to be quick to judge, but my first impression of these two (I had already been acquainted with Caleb in the past) was very dismal. They seemed to be those guys who brought nothing to the party - no excitement, no enthusiasm, no unique qualities that made them stand out or differentiate them from the crowd. Great start.

The morning broke with a beautiful shine - the sun was high in the air and the temperature felt crisp - the start of Autumn had arrived. Perfect timing. Jeff and Caleb had risen around 7AM in order to procure the swine, cooker and keg; the rest of us were left to set up shop and start cooking. The arrival of the pig was a highlight - 60 pounds (small, yes) of light pink pork entered our timid saturday morning - I suppose we have traded saturday morning cartoons with pig roasts to get our weekend fixes at our age. The carving began, the stuffing went well, the turkeys were smoking, and the boys made our drinks.

Once we sat down, people started to come and the drinks started to blurr together. 11AM->3pm forecast was sunburns with splashes of Dark and Stormy's. Beruit soon kicked in with Mark and I on the table. Our other Penn friends arrived around this time - Spencer from LA along with Tyler and Hillary from DC. Immediate jubilation ensued followed by hugging, dogpiling and frolicking (courtesy of Ty and Jeff). when 6pm hit, we weren't certain what to think, but the food was done, and it turned into a carniverous, primal attack lead by Jeff and Caleb, mainly using only hands as our weapons. 25 people gathered around a long table and devoured our unfortunatey guests within minutes - leaving small scraps and bones to be picked at for the remaining party hours. I suppose (hazy memory at this point) that I decided to retire around 8:30pm; I know this because of text message proof and the fact that I woke up around 10 to a game of survivor flip cup in which I participated in for one session, then immediately retreated back to the bed.

At 11:15 I woke with a vengeance! Knowing that I had just lost a few hours of quality party time, I headed back outside and rallied. Unfortunately at this point, many people had left. However, the quality members (mainly the Penn kids) were still roaring and ready to ride the rally train with me. 11AM turned into 5AM with rants of "Coffee and Liquor", detonation (where a person smashes a beer can in an effort to open in and upon success receives very little beer since it spews out and a very large bruise on their forehead - something I do not participate in), bird feeding, voodoo dancing and pants switching.

We woke that morning to a frenzy of flies inside the house and a swarm of bees outside eating away at the pig as well as the left over drinks. Ian - one of the strangest human specimens I have ever met who could literally scream for hours - proclaimed that it is a known fact that Bees are attracted to pork and sugar. Normally that would be a strange statement, but after the night we had, we took it in stride.

Clean up sucked.

I decided to follow my friends to DC for another evening and in the morning I trained it back on up to Stamford for the work week. What a ride.

Currently waiting on: the final fantasy football draft of this season.
Currently wishing: that my cough would magically disappear over night.
Currently reading/writing: a Point of View for Accenture on Supply Chain Security.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Note - this was written a few days ago and I am just getting around to posting it.

Current Location: Amtrak from NYC to Baltimore.

Attraction is an interesting quality that is perceived by men and women differently, similar to many other qualities.

I was talking with Kruse (who is female) yesterday about attraction and her theory is spot on – Men primarily use attraction as a qualifier for conversation – females do not. Let’s use examples to quickly expand on this: A man encounters to females on the street. The first female is attractive, the second is not attractive. They both come up to him to talk to him (let's say they ask him for directions). As they approach, the man (generally) will only consider talking to the attractive one; the unattractive one is pretty much SOL to steal any of his attention. The reason is that the man immediately thinks about talent and future potential– the attractive female would be a solid pick up in the male’s life (slightly barring married men or any equivalent). Switching the genders in this situation, Kruse (and I) would argue that the unattractive man would have a closer-to-even chance of obtaining the females attention than an attractive one (barring the extremes such as giant facial moles with hair, warts, any sort of blatant disfigurement and missing/rotten/crooked teeth). The reason being that the female will not be as quick to judge the males based on their outward qualities.

I am perfectly content with this theory – what I am more curious about is why this occurs. If I were walking down the street and saw two girls, randomly, I have no real reason to assume that I would be sleeping with either of them in the future, right? I would argue that it’s actually an instinct that pushes forth the human population. We know that in the animal kingdom, mates are attracted to each other based on a better genetic disposition – a disposition defined differently between species. For male humans, that disposition has been thought to be increased based on specific qualities (which, mind you, are greatly affected by media and social opinion) that are generally visual. This attractiveness will naturally push males to talk to specific females, regardless of their setting and potentiality, and favor more attractive ones.

I suppose a similar argument could then be made for females –the qualities that they value or consider attractive are not necessarily visual – perhaps it’s intelligence, wit, humor, etc. What does that say about females? I think many would come to the conclusion that females are more kind and accepting. Perhaps that is the case. However, one could also come to the conclusion that males may initially disregard those inward qualities because those inward qualities in their mate will be unlikely to advance their progenies genetic disposition as much as the outward qualities...

I suppose, then, finding that balance between these qualities between two people truly drives them together during that first encounter.

Currently listening to: Jeff Buckley (Grace) and some old Matchbox 20.

Currently excited about: Pig roast tomorrow in Baltimore (random old friends from CT will be there independently of my attendance).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I lost my job

Current location: riverside in lic, ny (on the iPhone so apologies for any misspelling or incorrect capitalization).

I suppose the title of this post is inappropriate or misleading for I did not lose my job. However, as I was walking out of kruse's apartment moments ago, a neighbor and his lady (and I say lady because it's unclear whether or not she is of significant status to him) slowly strolled in front of me. I paused and hesitated as I exited the doorway - there was an awkward air about them and they did not make eye contact with me. They were dressed as though they had recently been swimming - the man was shirtless with board shorts and the lady sported a one piece with shorts. As they passed, the lady inquired softly "so why were you so silent today"? They reached their doorway at the conclusion of the question; the man reached solemnly into his pocket as though he were searching for an answer. He pulled out a set of keys to unlock the door and without turning To face the woman he replied "i lost my job today" and entered the room. The lady paused, uncertain and startled, then followed him in, probing him with the word "what".

The door shut, leaving me to wait at the elevator in a daze. The ding to the elevator notified me of it's arrival and I, following the man's footsteps, slowly paced onto the platform. Startled, I knew that those four words would be the focus of this entry. Although felt vicariously, the weight was heavy even on my shoulders...

Currently watching: the sunset behind midtown's skyline.
Notable people met: well it's been a day since my last post, so I'll call it "notable people seen that I haven't seen in a while"- chris Pickar, matt hoffarth, Amanda Judelson, alex kotsovos, and Scott (matt's roommate).