Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Two strange occurrances today that are worth briefly pointing out.

1. I got back to my hotel room this evening and sat on my couch with sportscenter in the background (important note - huge suite this week in the Westin - suhweet). Perhaps it was lack of sleep or just working at a quick pace over the past few days, but I was out cold. I woke at 7:30. A weird thing about Atlanta, and it took this event for me to realize this, is that 7:30 AM looks very similar to 7:30 PM during the summer. I shot up, looked around and thought it was time for work. I stumbled around for about 2 minutes to get my bearings and realized it was still the evening. Phew!

2. After my time mix up, I decided to go for a run. My usual route is north up Piedmont to Piedmont park. Now, it's important to note the direction, because running in any other direction starting in downtown Atlanta will generally result in slum tramping. At 10th and Piedmont, where Piedmont park starts, there is a gay Bookstore. I noticed this a few weeks back and was very intrigued - what made a bookstore gay? Was it the orientation of the owners? Was it purely the content? Well, I had been looking for a running book for the past few days (as noted on a previous post, I do not have a book that I am currently reading) so I decided to jump in, thinking that a bookstore is a bookstore - there is a good chance that it has a best seller section or something. This was not the case. Almost every book in the bookstore had some sort of sexual twinge, gay or straight, and very focused on social styles and acceptance. It was interesting - seeing titles such as "Mad Men Unbuttoned" made me think - is this about the underlyings of the making of the show? Or was it literally men scantily clothed like the characters on the famous show revealing parts of the male body that I only want to be familiar with on myself?

Unfortunately, I did not find my running book.

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