Friday, July 23, 2010

Tough travel week

I've experienced my fair share of difficult traveling and inconvenient mishaps that prolong arrival over the past years, but none ever ring as uncomfortable as the trip you just took. You always harp on the bad, never really take a step back to think about the good: I arrived safely.

Well, true to form, I had an uncomfortable experience, and like everyone else, I want to take the few lines and just call out some issues that I had. On my flight from dc to Atlanta, my flight was delayed one hour while sitting on the plane at 630 am, then cancelled due to mechanical issues. What luck! To make matters worse, we had a major pow wow at our client starting at 1pm. Hmph. I was able to, however, get on the one flight that would get me there on time at the last minute.

On the return leg to LGA, the loudspeaker told me, with no reason and with 10 minutes left of the flight that we were going to land in Philadelphia to refuel. WTF?

Right now I am waiting in lga for a shuttle to pick me up and giro my parents where I will have dinner with dad (brats and beer) then head up to Boston to move out of the apartment once and for all. Wish me luck.

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