Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I lost my job

Current location: riverside in lic, ny (on the iPhone so apologies for any misspelling or incorrect capitalization).

I suppose the title of this post is inappropriate or misleading for I did not lose my job. However, as I was walking out of kruse's apartment moments ago, a neighbor and his lady (and I say lady because it's unclear whether or not she is of significant status to him) slowly strolled in front of me. I paused and hesitated as I exited the doorway - there was an awkward air about them and they did not make eye contact with me. They were dressed as though they had recently been swimming - the man was shirtless with board shorts and the lady sported a one piece with shorts. As they passed, the lady inquired softly "so why were you so silent today"? They reached their doorway at the conclusion of the question; the man reached solemnly into his pocket as though he were searching for an answer. He pulled out a set of keys to unlock the door and without turning To face the woman he replied "i lost my job today" and entered the room. The lady paused, uncertain and startled, then followed him in, probing him with the word "what".

The door shut, leaving me to wait at the elevator in a daze. The ding to the elevator notified me of it's arrival and I, following the man's footsteps, slowly paced onto the platform. Startled, I knew that those four words would be the focus of this entry. Although felt vicariously, the weight was heavy even on my shoulders...

Currently watching: the sunset behind midtown's skyline.
Notable people met: well it's been a day since my last post, so I'll call it "notable people seen that I haven't seen in a while"- chris Pickar, matt hoffarth, Amanda Judelson, alex kotsovos, and Scott (matt's roommate).

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